Marine Industries Association of Collier County, Inc. (MIACC)

is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to:
  • Represent the Collier County marine industry
  • Promote and protect recreational boating
  • Promote every citizen’s right to access Florida’s waterways
  • Protect and enhance Collier County’s waterways
  • Promote Collier County’s fishing as a tourism attraction
  • Promote boating safety and education

The MIACC represents you, the marine business owner and your business interests to the government and to the public. At a time when government regulations are expanding, the MIACC is striving to work with government - locally, statewide and nationally to protect equally all marine business concerns.

Our goal is to inform our members how their business will be affected and how solutions can be reached if new regulations are at odds with marine business interests. In addition, it is equally important to work with the public in preserving their right to safe and fun boating.

The MIACC works with educators and safety organizations to educate the public to practice safe boating. The MIACC also encourages members to put in place hands-on environmental business practices that will prevent pollution and damage to our coastal waters thus protecting boaters’ enjoyment of healthy waterways and ensuring a sustainable future for the environment and the marine industry.

Marine Industries Association of Collier County, Inc. (MIACC)
PO Box 9887
Naples, Florida 34101
Tel: 239.682.0900
Fax: 239.236.9000
Marine Industries Association of Collier County, Inc. (MIACC)